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Current trends are all about putting on the glitz!

If you are planning a wedding at the moment do we have some good news for you! There is a lot to look forward to, A LOT! No matter what your budget, the top trends reporting for this coming wedding season have something to offer for everyone!   


1. It’s a move towards sophistication. For outdoor events, we are noticing crystal on the table and gold silverware. Black tie is also playing a huge role right and it’s full-length gowns for everybody!

Along those same lines, couples will be opting for formality and sophistication in their tablescapes; crystal, chandeliers, chargers, gold silverware combined with eclectic elements to give a homespun feel.


2. 2014 Flower of the year: The Peony. Soft, lush and romantic, the peony is the most requested wedding flower for two years running now.  But with the bloom available for only two months out of the year, brides need a backup. A great alternative is the garden rose, which has the same delicate petal feeling but is much more readily available.


3. Eye- Popping Cakes. The cake style that dominates right now is clean and modern with eye- popping color or all-over appliqués. Is it vintage or is it modern? Who knows, who cares – it is chic and adorable so go with it!.  

4. “Less is More” Color. Neutral color palettes; Blush, grey, champagne will continue to trend among all brides whether formal, semi-formal or casual. Softer fabrics, laces, softer colors are one of the must-haves for a glamorous 2013 wedding. The look is surprisingly versatile and wears well on almost all skin tones.  


5. Foil stamping is in! Look for glints of metallic gold, silver and bronzes stamped directly on the wedding invitation. Imagine your names, or calligraphy scrollwork looking modern in gold. It adds a very fun pop without being too glitzy.


6. Those with a sweet tooth, take heart. Dessert bars are here to stay, but now they have a formal twist. Look for requests for dessert bars by color. For a white one; do meringues, french macaroons, fudge brownies topped with powdered sugar, and lots of desserts with vanilla-bean frosting.


Happy Wedding Planning!


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant




Choosing your wedding celebrant


There are so many things to do when you are preparing for your wedding that choosing your celebrant might not be your top priority. However, getting the right celebrant, one who makes sure your wedding ceremony goes smoothly, and one who you have a great rapport with can make all the difference to your big day.


What does a wedding celebrant do?


A wedding celebrant is someone who is legally allowed to conduct a wedding ceremony when the couple chooses to have a civil wedding that is not carried out by a religious official. As well as presiding over the ceremony itself, a celebrant deals with all the legal paperwork necessary to formalise the marriage.


A good celebrant will make sure you have all the legalities covered well before the wedding. They will lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage, check your proof of identification documents, and if you have been married before, sight your Decree Absolute documentation. They can also provide you with a letter for the immigration department if your partner is entering Australia on a prospective spouse visa.


Tips for selecting your wedding celebrant


•You need to find a celebrant who you are comfortable with, and who is happy to discuss and accommodate your personal wishes for the most special day of your life. If you want to write your own wedding vows, for example, your celebrant can support and advise you in this.   

•Start looking for your celebrant as far in advance as possible. Celebrants with good reputations will be booked up many months in advance, particularly during the popular wedding seasons. If possible you should start to look for your celebrant twelve to eighteen months before the big day. You will need to have selected your celebrant at least a calendar month in advance to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage.

When you are planning a wedding, it is easy to get carried away with ideas for the reception and neglect the actual ceremony itself. This is a shame when the whole point of the occasion is the legal union of the couple in marriage. Choosing the right celebrant can add a special touch to the ceremony, and ensure it is as memorable as the rest of the day. Couples should try to interview a few celebrants so they can choose one who they both feel comfortable with.

Selecting a Celebrant to Suit You

To understand celebrants, what they're like and what to expect, you need to know something about them. Firstly, they're not all the same (there's the good the bland and the dreadful!), and secondly, the price they quote doesn't tell what you really need to know! You want a celebrant to suit you. Not just any old celebrant, but one who understands what you want. One who can create and deliver your personal, special wedding ceremony.


So, how do you find the celebrant you want? To achieve the wedding you want - be very careful with your celebrant selection. If you want a great ceremony, you and your guests will really enjoy, then, be prepared to invest in the services of  professional celebrant.



If you want wonderful memories to last a lifetime - be sure to ask a prospective celebrant:


- What do clients say about you? ('Genuine' testimonials)

- How long have you been a celebrant?


- What celebrant qualifications do you have?


- How many weddings have you conducted?


And most importantly of all, make a time to meet with your prospective celebrant and see how you get on. Is she or he your type of person? Do you "click"? You may need to meet with a couple or so before you feel happy. When you do meet check to see what sort of help they provide in ceremony resources, help and information. Do they have comprehensive information to offer on your wishes, beliefs and traditions? Very importantly do they provide an on-site rehearsal? When you’re completely satisfied make your booking quickly. Good celebrants are booked well ahead and you don’t want to miss out on your preferred marriage celebrant.  

Sourced from Easy



Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant





The importance of a wet weather back up!


As I type this I am listening to the rain falling outside and Im hoping it passes for the brides getting married this weekend.  There is no doubting that the Sunshine Coast is one of the best locations in Australia for a wedding, however rain, wind and extreme heat is no stranger to this beach side paradise!  I'm always a little worried when couples plan to have their wedding on the outdoors with no plan B. If you are thinking of a ceremony location where there is no shelter from the wind and the rain please have a read through the points below before you make your final decision.


If you've decided to have an outdoor wedding, congratulations! Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful. However, they aren't as easy as they may look. Outdoor weddings come with additional challenges and pitfalls, but if you follow these tips, you'll be sure to shine on your wedding day.


1. Make your guests comfortable. Think about what the weather will likely be at the time of day and month of the year of your outdoor wedding. Sunny and hot? Don't leave your guests uncomfortably melting – have your ushers give guests ice-cold bottles of water as they are seated. Consider printing your wedding program on a fan so that guests may cool themselves. Don't forget to have plenty of sunscreen on hand as well. For a very warm location look into a tent to shade the suns rays or if it will be cold and damp, make sure you tell guests that so they can wear extra layers.


2. Have a backup plan. What will you do if it rains? The ideal outdoor wedding location has an indoor location waiting just in case. Many brides and grooms opt to have their ceremony outside and reception inside. In a pinch, the tables can be scooted to the back of the room during the ceremony.


A tent is another option, but only for light to moderate rain storms. A heavy rain will soak the ground underneath, leaving guests with soggy and muddy shoes. Make sure any tent you rent is sturdy so it won't flip over, and that it has thick and weighted sides.




3. Plan for Wind. Many outdoor weddings suffer from windy conditions. Avoid light fabrics like chiffons and china silks in your dress and the bridesmaid dresses.  You also might want to think twice about having a vail if it is windy on your wedding day. Tell your hairstylist that you'll be having an outdoor wedding so she/he can plan a style that won't leave you looking like Cousin It! Men in the wedding party should also use styling product.  And of course, make sure your tent will stand up to gusting winds or find an indoor backup plan.


4. Can everybody hear? When you picture your dream wedding at the beach, you're probably not hearing the roaring of the waves, the rushing wind, or the local kids running and screaming around you.  Make sure your celebrant has a good sound system that will over power these background noises.


5. Decorations. One of the bonuses of an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty around you, lessening your need to decorate. But you still need to do some work. Visit the site a week before your wedding to make sure the grass is mowed etc. If your wedding is at a public park, you may want to ask the groomsmen or friends to do this the morning of your ceremony.  Other decorations you may want to consider include an arch or trellis to focus the ceremony and frame the bride and groom as they say their vow or strings of lights or lanterns in the trees.  Your photographer will be a great person to discuss decorations with as they will know what will look best in photos.


6. Make things tasty outside. Does your caterer have experience planning an outdoor wedding menu? Make sure they're planning things that will keep well outdoors in the heat. Avoid things like mayonnaise salads or dishes which must be served cold.


7. Don't leave your guests parched. Since alcohol is dehydrating, consider serving a variety of lemonades, teas and punches. Be sure to have plenty of ice and water around as well. For a fancy cocktail, why not serve a classic mint julep or a mojito? The mint will refresh and cool your guests.



8. Those pesky flying things. Be sure to put out citronella candles, or have a few can’s of aerogard handy, so that your guests won't spend the whole ceremony swatting at the air.


9. Here comes the sun. Consider timing your outdoor wedding for sunset where your guests will see you take your vows surrounded by the warm glow of the sun. Those having a daytime outdoor wedding should orient the ceremony so that the sun will be on guests' backs rather than in their eyes.


10. Permits. Don't forget to contact your local council to get a permit for an outdoor wedding. Be sure to ask about rules concerning rubbish removal, candle or torch lighting, and pre-wedding photography.


If you have any doubts at all chat to your celebrant as they will be able to help with ideas and advice.  Outdoor weddings can be spectacular but always plan for the unexpected and don’t be disappointed if you need to change the plans slightly.  The important thing on your wedding day is not the weather but the person you are marrying.


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant



Happy New Year! 


I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year for weddings!! Celebrants always seem to get inundated with inquiries during the first couple of months of the year.  If you are planning a wedding this year my advice would be not to waste time prior to putting down a deposit or you could miss out on securing the celebrant of your choice. Most celebrants are not in the position to hold dates without a deposit so locking in that date should be your first priority.


There are a lot of things to organise for a wedding so pick yourself up a diary, start making a checklist and get planning! And please dont forget to have fun!  If things are getting a little stressful take a break from the planning and remind yourself why you are getting married and what is important to you for your wedding day.  Dont get caught up in the small stuff and dont be afraid to ask for help, Im sure you will find that your family and friends are only too happy to take on a few jobs.


I look forward to meeting you and helping you plan the wedding of your dreams!

Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant



Merry Christmas!


Thank you for your friendship & support throughout 2011.


May health, happiness and good times greet you each day of the New Year.


Luke and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting a baby in March so I’ll be taking a short break from weddings but I look forward to working with you soon after!


Lots of Love Kristy

Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant




How late is too late to arrive at your wedding??


The beautiful bride we were waiting for in this photo was actually not late but the image of the nervous groom inspired me to write about the ideal time to arrive at your wedding.  In my experience the ideal time to arrive at your wedding is 10-15mins after the scheduled start time.  However the ideal time can be dependent on the location and the number of guests attending your wedding.  If the location is quite difficult to find, or parking is a problem or if your guests are required to walk a considerable distance to the ceremony venue than it is best that you allow for some stragglers and make your arrival approx 15min after the scheduled start time.  If you arrive right on time you run the risk of guests turning up when the ceremony has already begun.  


Similarly if you are planning a wedding with 100 guests or more, the chances of someone being late increases – so allow a little more time for all of the guests to arrive.    


On the other hand if you are planning a small intimate wedding in the back yard of a family home it will most likely be fairly safe for you to arrive just a few minutes after the scheduled start time.  


So how late is too late?  I think anything longer than 15mins starts to get a bit too long.  Guests can become restless and hot, especially if the ceremony is in full sun during summer! And keep in mind that some guests will arrive early so by the time the ceremony starts they may have already been there for ½ an hour, which means by the time the ceremony is over they may have been standing for over an hour. 


By arriving too late you also run the risk of running out of time for photos before your reception and in extreme cases you may also risk your musician or celebrant having to leave for another engagement or charging for extra time – as don’t forget you may have only booked them for certain period of time.


The best thing to do is talk to your celebrant about the ideal time to arrive.  If your celebrant knows when to expect you they can make sure your guests are organised in plenty of time – and most importantly they can help to keep the groom calm!


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant



While I have a little time before spring arrives and brings with it wedding madness I wanted to tell you about a fantastic new wedding venue that has recently opened on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 


Weddings at Tiffany’s is located in the majestic surrounds of Maleny.  Tiffany's prime location offers guests unsurpassed views across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and an opportunity for your guests to capture stunning photos to remember your day.  Owners Kelly & David Tilse and David & Colleen Pumpa are Maleny locals and have 30 years experience in the wedding industry.  There are so many different wedding packages and menus to choose from, you will easily find something that is perfect for you, and if not they will create a menu for you!  Make sure you consider this venue when planning your upcoming wedding, it’s one of the few quality venues across the coast where you can have your ceremony and reception in the one place making it a much more enjoyable and stress free day for you and your guests.


There is also an abundance of lovely guest houses, cottages and B&B’s near by for your guests to choose from, making the whole weekend a memorable and relaxing getaway.


I am proud to be one of the preferred suppliers of Tiffany’s and I look forward to performing many beautiful ceremonies there in the future.


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant



Planning a wedding on a budget!


Wedding and Budget are two words that may not always belong in the same sentence.  Many brides I talk to tell me their final wedding cost ends up being about double what they had initially budgeted for.  This could be because their budget was unrealistic for their expectations or because like most brides they had never been through the wedding process before and therefore not entirely sure what to include in the initial budget.  However there are ways to keep your budget in check and spend your money wisely.   


It might sound logical but many brides don’t start by writing a list of everything that is involved and matching it to a figure they hope to keep to.  I know this can be a bit tricky if you have no idea how much different services charge, so I suggest spending an afternoon emailing suppliers for quotes or sitting down with a girlfriend who is married to ask how much she approximately spent on different services.  This will give you a better idea if your original budget is realistic.


Here is a basic breakdown of what you can expect to pay:

Reception: 48%-50%

Ceremony: 2%-3%

Attire: 8%-10%

Flowers: 8%-10%

Entertainment/Music: 8%-10%

Photography/Videography: 10%-12%

Stationery: 2%-3%

Wedding Rings: 2%-3%

Parking/Transportation: 2%-3%

Gifts: 2%-3%

Miscellaneous: 8%

To avoid stress, allot about 5% of your budget for a "just-in-case" fund.

If you're paying for your honeymoon yourselves, remember to budget for that as well.


After finding out a ball park figure you will then know if you can or cannot afford the wedding you are dreaming of.  If you are over budget start by prioritising the things that are really important to you, for example you may want to ensure you have beautiful wedding photos, or the perfect dress, or it might even be the honeymoon you are most excited about.  Start by booking these services first and if it means you have to sacrifice on wedding cars, elaborate cakes or bonbonnieres, you will still have the bulk of your perfect wedding.  It is far better to have a few quality suppliers, and to do without other aspects of the wedding that you can live without than have mediocre suppliers of everything.


Here are some money saving tips to think about:


Cut the guest list. This will slash your catering costs and save on invitations and even the number of centrepieces.  

Think off-peak season and save thousands!  

Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot -- it will cut travel time for suppliers and doubling up on things.  

Skip the Saturday wedding.  


Use more greenery than flowers.  

Swap out costly flowers.  

Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers.  

Buy flowers that are in season.  

Include non-floral decorations, like lanterns.

Food & Drink

Skip the main course -- appetisers and drinks are fine too.  

Offer beer, wine, and a signature cocktail instead of a full bar.  

Serve comfort foods like barbecue chicken, mashed potato, and corn. It's fun and often cheaper.  

Skip the champagne toast.


Order a small one or two-tiered cake and then supplement cake with a larger sheet cake (hidden back in the kitchen).  

Keep the add-ons simple.  

Use fresh flowers, not sugar ones.  

Reuse ceremony flowers for the cake table.    

Stationery & Bomboniere

Get single-page invites to save on postage.  

Give out one bomboniere per couple.  

Email your save-the-dates.  

Make your own menu cards, name place cards and wedding bomboniere packaging.  

Photo, Video & Music

Have a photographer you love but can't afford the prices? Ask them if they have an associate shooter who will do your wedding for less.

Look for a company who do video and photography in one.  

Opt for a smaller band.  

Hire a band or DJ who can do both the ceremony and the reception.  


Don’t forget to ask your talented friends to help with areas they can, you will be pleasantly surprised to find they will be only happy to.  But most importantly, plan the wedding that you want and don’t be persuaded by pushy friends or family or over competitive girl friends!

Have fun with the planning and if in doubt, chat to one of the wonderful wedding planners on the coast, or even your celebrant as they can help you with ideas and budget suggestions.


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant




I’m very excited this month to talk to you about SHOPPING!  I know for some women it is their absolute most favourite thing to do but unfortunately for most it can be a depressing, tiresome, unproductive and expensive exercise.  Well if you are one of those women who loath shopping I have found the secret for you!!

Have you ever dreamt of having your own stylist to help pick out your dream wedding dress? Or someone to help you find the perfect dress for your engagement party, or even find an outfit for your mum or mother in law? Well now you can! 

Mandy Hargreaves is the director of a very successful and brilliant Sunshine Coast business called Shopping by Appointment.   Mandy has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years and she has a real desire to help every client to learn to embrace their body shape. 

Spending time with Mandy is very empowering and inspiring and whether it is for your wedding day or just your everyday wardrobe stepping out in an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in will have a great impact on your life.

One of the best things about Shopping by Appointment is how affordable it is; in fact it is much cheaper than shopping in the stores.  Having your own stylist is no longer for the rich and famous! 

A voucher for the Shopping by Appointment showroom is the perfect gift for an engagement party or a bridal shower, better still book Mandy for your Bridal Shower and she can create a really fun day with your girlfriends and help you all to look fabulous!

Thanks Mandy for your inspiration and for making fashion fun and affordable.


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant




Only 8 days to go until the wedding of the year!  Or maybe even the decade! Will & Kate’s Royal Wedding April 29 2011.  I normally don’t get too excited about the Royals but Kate has definitely helped to make the Royal family cool and fashionable again.  I’m dying to see her dress and I really hope she has been able to add her own fabulous style to it.  I expect Kate’s dress to change Bridal Fashion for years to come!


I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Royals but I have noticed a distinct move towards more chic & sophisticated weddings.  Couples are choosing to follow classic traditions while adding their own modern touches.  Hollywood vintage is also hugely popular this year.



If you are thinking you would like to a similar style for your wedding you must consider having it at Maleny Manor.   The reputation of this stunning venue speaks for itself.


I hope you have a fabulous Easter sharing yummy food, good wine and many laughs.


Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant  



What a lovely ending to "Farmer Wants a Wife" last night! Yes I have to admit - I love that show!! Being a hopeless romantic it's hard not to.  Actually just last month the Sunshine Coast had its first Farmer Wants a Wife wedding!  I hope everyone from this years series has a wonderful future with lots of love and happiness.


Ok now to fill you in on what's been happening lately....  


Carly Laczko - CL Weddings & EventsI had the pleasure of meeting (via the Internet) Carly Laczko from CL Weddings And Events.   If you want help planning your dream wedding than I can definitely recommend Carly for a sophisticated, seamless and stunning wedding!  Especially if you are from out of town and planning a destination wedding on the Sunshine Coast - investing in a wedding planner and event stylist can make the world of difference!


Speaking of destination weddings, I have had a few ceremonies lately for couples who are planning to marry overseas but want to make sure all of the legal aspects are taken care of beforehand.  One couple in particular thought their marriage in Fiji last year had included all legalities only to find the paper work was not accepted here in Australia, meaning they had to do it all over again.  To avoid this happening to you please have a chat to an authorised celebrant before you start planning your dream wedding overseas to make sure you will be properly registered as a married couple when you get back. 


Looking forward to more beautiful weddings in April!


Carly Laczko - CL Weddings & Events



Lastly as promised here are some pics from my Vietnam holiday earlier this month...



Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant  



Perfect Sunshine Coast weather for the last weekend of summer! Romance definitely heats up over the summer months with plenty of proposals over the Christmas, New Year period.  This has certainly kept me busy we lots of inquiries, meetings and bookings in January and February.  With Autumn approaching I'm looking forward to the slightly cooler weather and the switch from beach weddings to hinterland weddings!  The Sunshine Coast has all options covered when it comes to wedding venues.  One of my favourite venues in the hinterland is Spicers Clovelly Estate its worth a look! 


February & March are typically quieter months for weddings so I'm making the most of a few quiet weeks and heading over to Vietnam for a holiday!  I'm travelling with my yoga group and we are doing an eight day trek through the country with plenty of yoga to energize us!  I will share some photos with you when I return :)

Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant  



Merryn & Steve ~ Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant Kristy EllisA gorgeous weekend for a wedding on the Sunshine Coast!  Beach weddings are very popular at this time of the year, for obvious reasons.  Merryn & Steve had a perfect summers day for their wedding yesterday.  The location was the very private Sir Lesley Wilson Park, Dicky Beach. 


Mask Events decorated the location beautifully!  There were many tears from the moment Merryn made her entrance to the song Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone, to the very romantic kiss and dip!  Gary & Leigh from Mills Photography captured the images from the day and I'm sure Merryn & Steve will look back at them with loving memories as they journey through life. 


Congratulations Merryn & Steve, it was an honour to be your wedding celebrant.  

Kristy Ellis

Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant







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